Two polygons with the same name in a rad scene

Hi all,

The short version of the question is:

  • Is it fine for rtrace -osTs to name a number of polygons the same?

And here is why I need it:

I’m dealing with a large model in which I’m using this method to find from which window and in which time a sensor sees the sun. There are several windows in the mode and I want to name some of them the same as they technically represent the same window. I can name them as pl_1, pl_2 and so on and take care of grouping them when I parse the results but it will be much faster to group them by an identical name.

I did a quick render and it seems radiance loads the polygons fine even though they have the same name but I wonder if this will cause an issue in my case. Does it affect any internal indexing that can be problematic?

Radiance doesn’t use surface names for anything aside from debugging and user feedback. There’s nothing that would cause problems from name collisions on surfaces.
Modifier names may be reused as well, and often are. They just end up applying to references between one definition and the next. (Not relevant to your case, but thought I’d mention it.)

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