Tutorial and Seminar 6/7. May 2004 in Braunschweig

Hi all,

just wanted to get rid of a short announcement:

  Two Radiance Based German Language Training Events.

  3D-Lighting Software Tutorial
  Thu, May 6th 2004

  Practical Lighting Seminar
  Thu, May 7th 2004

  Simulation Laboratory
  Institute for Building and Solar Technology IGS
  Technical University Braunschweig

Those two events are planned by Andreas Lahme from ALWare, who
has been (and still is) developing 3DSolar, the building modeller
software for Rayfront/Radiance, as well as a suite of analysis
and documentation tools.

We will be holding the tutorial session together. Andreas will
teach modelling and analysis, I will teach the Radiance/Rayfront
related parts. We will first introduce the simulation principles,
and then walk the participants through projects interactively.
This course is meant for people who are interested to see whether
the presented software is suitable to solve their problems, but
existing users are of course also welcome.

Andreas will teach the Seminar with Prof. Friedrich Sick.
The focus of this part is less on pressing the right buttons,
but more on solving practical problems in daylighting design.
The subject matter includes daylighting fundamentals, design
procedures, evaluation criteria, and the economical use of the
available software tools. The target audience are architects and
engineers who want a to reach a better understanding on how to
work with daylight when designing buildings.

Both events are in german language. There are computers available
(probably one per two participants) for an immediate hands-on
learning experience. Demonstration examples may be adapted to the
interests of the participants, or even fully contributed by them.
It is possible to participate for only one day (270.- Euro + VAT),
or for both together (486.- Euro + VAT).

If you're interested, please contact Andreas Lahme for further
details and registration info:

  ALware Andreas Lahme
  Leopoldstrasse 7a
  38100 Braunschweig
  tel: +49 (0)531 / 250 72 80
  fax: +49 (0)531 / 250 72 81
  e-mail: info@alware.de

I'd be happy to see some of you there!



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