Tutorial additions - gendaymtx & annual dctimestep

My guess is that Greg was familiar with the Daysim format. Andy did point out to me that Daysim does include an epw to Daysim weather file parser, which should make things easy for folks. We plan to support gendaymtx in OpenStudio as well, which directly supports epw files. Ultimately it would be cool to have gendaymtx support both formats natively, though!

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Hi Andy,

This is great! Thanks for including the new items.

As a more general question, I had noticed that gendaymtx depends on the wea weather file format from Daysim, is there some reason that it does not take something more generalized such as epw?



On 4/3/2013 2:01 PM, Andrew McNeil wrote:
I thought I'd let everyone know that I've added the recent annual simulation tools to the three-phase tutorial. This includes gendaymtx and the annual invocation of dctimestep.

If you use the three phase method or daylight coefficient method you should check this out. It saves a considerable ammount of time in the matrix multiplication step.


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