Triple glazing simulation

Hi all,

I have to model the behavior of triple glazing made of 3 clear glass panes. Each pane is ordinary 4mm clear glass with transmittance 0.91.

For double glazing simulation I use glaze.csh script, but I don't have an idea how triple glazing can be simulated. I suppose I should use some BRTDfunc material with transmittance angle distribution similar to my glazing system.

I didn't manage to find anything on Internet, so hints, ideas and examples are very welcome!
Since I can see that triple glazings gain the popularity, I suppose this subject is interesting to other members too.


Hi Marija,

If you copy the script and rename it "", adding the following lines to the end of the file:

                                 { simple triple-pane reflectance }
cr3(r,t) : r*(1 + t*t*(1 + t*t));


Your glazing definition is then:

void BRTDfunc glaze3_unnamed
         0 0 0
         0 0 0

We probably should add a third glazing to the glaze.csh script, but it would complicate it by an order of magnitude due to the number of combinations involved.