tip for GOOGLE Sketchup location

Hi Thomas,

Thank you again for your great job.

I'm wrtting to you again about GOOGLE SKETCHUP 6 (free version) site
In Windows version, there is no LOCATION option on MODEL INFO Menu.

But, I have found a way to overcome this difficult, and it's very nice!

At first open GOOGLE EARTH before SKP, and find out your building location,
go to SKP and click on "Get current view" icon, once you have imported the
image from G. Earth to G. SKETCHUP it assumes the full coordinates from
building location and VOILÁ..... Now only you have to do is align
NORTH/SOUTH direction, rotating the model.

Nice to hear from you,



I have created a google code project for this script:


The download package is still at the last 'release' stage
but the SVN repository has the hot new features
* export by layer
* export by colour and
* import with contour lines

As usual it hasn't seen a lot of testing yet.



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