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thanks to everyone for helping me with my radiance problems in my thesis, especially Greg for his help on explaining the integration of a better RGB rendering, mentioned in the 'Picture Perfect' essay. I never expected this list to be that helpful and supportive as it is, this is really a living 'handbook'! I gave the thesis in last wednesday and hope it will turn out all right.
Seven months ago i didn't know anything about radiance only that Relux Vision uses a version of it. I am a windows user and found the cygwin implementation of radiance. I used this one because it was the only one i could find on the net. I was happy to be able to use all the Unix commands out of the 'Rendering with Radiance Book'. Cygwin is not really a practical system but it was enough for my needs and i didn't wanted to swap systems in the middle of my thesis. Now i want to move on and use a more practical and stable version of radiance. After following your discussion about radiance on different systems can you tell me, what is the better alternative: using the windows based version 'mingw' ( of which i heard for the first time) or ( as i planned ) use the Knoppix Version of Linux from the Learnix platform. Up to now i don't plan to install a Unix system.
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