Sunlite - A Sketchup Plugin for fast and easy 3phase method implementation

Apropos to this, I am working on an annual sky matrix generator based on Ian Ashdown's re-implementation of gendaylit (Perez sky model), which should streamline the process considerably. It will be called gendaymtx, and is checked in but currently undergoing testing. Last week, I checked in a new version of dctimestep that accepts an annual sky matrix in addition to single timestep vectors.



From: Germán Molina Larrain <[email protected]>
Date: January 18, 2013 6:19:19 AM PST

Dear Radiancers,

Since I have been posting here just problems that many of you have kindly read and answered, I decided to publish a pre-version of my MSc project, hoping that it can be useful for some of you.

My project is to develop an as-friendly-as-possible tool for the design and evaluation of the performance of shading systems for different facades, weathers, etc. The idea is to design in SketchUp, then use Radiance to assess the Visible Transmittance (genBSDF), the solar heat gain coefficient (genSHGC, still in development), and to use the Three-Phase Method (I have heard it is becoming a more-than-three-phases method...??) to compute the Illuminance distribution as well as the solar gains, for each window.

For now I have managed to export geometry with their respective modifiers in an organized way (the standard Sunlite directories), and create a Scenario file that has the information of the systems "installed" on each window, and the normal direction of it. That way, a script called SL_presim generates the Daylight and View Matrices for each window, storing them in the appropriate directory, for a posterior SL_sim script to simulate the year out of an EnergyPlus weather file.

Anyway, you can see a 3 min. video HERE, I had trouble with the audio.... and a web site HERE.



PS: Just for you to know, for now, both the video and the webpage can only be seen by the people who have the Link.