Subscribing to Radiance mailing lists

Dear Radiance Community,

I have had quite a number of e-mails recently from unsubscribed accounts. I don't know if these are users coming over from the Honeybee website or whether folks just have a lot of e-mail accounts they are juggling, but it is tedious for me as list moderator to write back to everyone telling them to subscribe (sometimes repeatedly).

So, here is a general announcement that if you want to post to any of the Radiance mailing lists, you need to first subscribe to that list using the e-mail account you intend to post from. The link to subscribe is here:

If you post something and do not get an e-mail acknowledging the post, then please take action to correct your sending e-mail to one you have subscribed, or subscribe using the e-mail you wish to post from. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to the list(s) you are interested in and wish to post to.

Finally, there are strict and parsimonious limits on the length of e-mails, so as not to clog the list with a lot of large image attachments. If you have an image or large file people need to understand your problem, please post it on a website somewhere and include a link.

I hope I have said this enough different ways that there will be no further confusion on the matter.