su2rad - v1.0 alpha release announcement

Hi all (including Windows users!).

I have released yet another preview of my SketchUp
exporter script. This is still a test version
and should not be used in a production environment!

The big news: It works on Windows, too!

Other changes:

     * (nearly) feature complete interface
     * material assignment via drag'n'drop (in JavaScript!)
     * advanced view settings like fisheye projections
     * materials from Radiance scene files can be used

I hope you will provide me with feedback on the usability
or usefulness of the features so far.

I have only tested it on SketchUp 7 so you are advised to
upgrade. The script works on the free version ('Google Sketchup')
so there is no need to buy new licenses. Note that SU7 files do
not open in SU6!

Download and Installation



Please read the introduction and comments on

The download for the zip file is:

As always, extract the zip file, copy 'su2rad.rb' and
'su2radlib' into the SketchUp 'plugins' folder and you're
good to go.

Don't forget to come back with comments.


Hello Thomas,

Must say, I love your exporter.

I have my (undergraduate Architecture and Interior Architecture)
students using it for a project this week.

Systems: Microsoft XP/Pro | Linux Kubuntu 8.10 via vmplayer

I have noticed the following issues:
1) Path name: will not export if there are spaces in the path name.
2) Parallel views are exported as vtv (perspective) rather than (vtl)
and the view height seems to be very high compared to the camera height
when the view was set.

For the future...
Would be useful to document how to add new sky programs...

We use the genrad program (Simon Crone
3&local_base=gen01-era02 pages 49-54)
004202.html which adds the a new option for skies. According to the
author genrad supplies the direct and diffuse radiation to the standard
gensky/gendaylit programs to produce better accuracy than the CIE skies.
Parameters include altitude and turbity.
  genrad -a xxx -o xxx -m xxx -O 0

  !gensky 6 21 14:0 -c -a -31.9330 -o -115.8330 -m -120.0 | xform -rz
  !genrad 6 21 14:0 -c -a -31.9330 -o -115.8330 -m -120.0 -O 0 | xform
-rz -180.00

Your efforts are very much appreciated.


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