Strange filetype naming when redering with radiance

As others already wrote, this is most likely a problem of the bash in
general not Radiance in particular.
I found this post related to "bash and question mark at end of file name":

BTW: According to your script you are calculating a grid of approx. 800000
points to create an image. This image is then filtered down to 1/10 of it's
size (8000 pixels). Couldn't save time and only render every 10th point in
every 10th row in the first place?



On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 2:55 PM, Per Haugaard <> wrote:

Dear Lars, Jack and users,

I use the bash shell in Ubuntu.

Here is my simple scripting:

## Level 4
## make an illuminumce picture of the plane
cat grids/ | rtrace -I -ab 4 -aa 0.05 -ar 128 -ad 512 -as 256 -x
759 -y 1160 -af ambfiles/df.amb -fac octrees/sav55_DF_LT70-60.oct >

## Decrease the size of the picture
pfilt -1 -x /10 -y /10 images/grid2illum_level_4.pic >

## calculate the daylight factor for the picture grid2illum_resized.pic
pcomb -e 'lo=li(1)/le(1)/10000*100' images/grid2illum_level_4_resized.pic >

## falsecolor for the daylight factor picture grid2illum_resized_df.pic
falsecolor -i images/grid2illum_level_4_resized_df.pic -s 11 -n 5.5 -l "DF
%" > images/grid2illum_level_4_resized_df_falsecolor.pic

## rm -f images/grid2illum_level_4.pic

As mentioned in my prior mail the output of the first command is

Any ideas? This does not happen when I enter other similar projects.

Best regards


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Hi Per,

Can you post the contents of your shell script? That way people might be
able to provide more input.


-Jack de Valpine

Per Haugaard wrote:

  Dear users,

I hope this is the correct forum to post this question.

I have run stumble upon a strange problem rendering images with radiance.

I have made a simple file containing the different commands to be executed
to render the images/data needed. When I execute this file (source
All the output files have a (?) added to the file type (e.g.
instead of Furthermore I cannot use \ as line separation in my
file anymore.

Does anyone have any experience with these types of errors?

Best regards

Per Haugaard


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