ssh loging (was: Re: Rendering Panoramas)

Jack de Valpine wrote:

by specifying it to ranimate. Ssh does take a little work to set up
correctly for trusted logins (ie logins that do not require a password
which is what ranimate needs) but it is possible to do and seems to work
fine. I have done so in the past for ranimate, but it has been a while.

on a per-user basis: on local machine, generate public/privat key pair
(ssh-keygen -t rsa, optionally with empty passphrase), add public key
(~/.ssh/ to authorized key file (~/.ssh/authorized_keys) on
remote machine. Then ssh acts as direct (and enhanced) replacement for
rsh. I wouldn't recommend solely host-based authorisation since it
sabotages core ideas of public key authorisation (unless it is used
additionally to per-user auth).



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