Seeking modest size, detailed interior environments.

Dear colleague Radiance modelers,

             My research group seeks Radiance models of architectural spaces for experiments related to Designing Visually Accessible Spaces, particularly focusing on low vision issues. We are developing a “hazard detection” module, for use by designers and architects, which is now in the validation phase. Automated results, based on Radiance renderings and data sets, are being correlated with live subject experiments.
            I have exhausted the modest sized, detailed models which I have built over the past decades and seek additional models which include features such as arches, columns, steps, ramps, furniture, interesting patterns, etc. Images will be produced for presentation to subjects and for analysis. These will remain in-house unless we request permission for publication.

Please contact me directly if you are able to contribute to the project. Ideally a data set includes all scene and lighting descriptions, a RIF file, a few images of the environment and an overview to your data structure.

This work is supported by the National Eye Institute of the NIH 1 R01 EY017835-01.

Thanks! See you at the 2011 workshop.


Rob Shakespeare, Professor of Lighting Design
Head of Design and Technology
Department of Theatre and Drama
Indiana University
275 North Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47405