rview window size and its text windowaccessibility

Hi Ramana, there is a command on cygwin to start xwindows (xwin) probably you have a direct access to it, the parameter to change the screen size is -- screen --

xwin -multiwindow -screen 0 1000 800 &



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  The rview window that opens up makes the text window at the bottom inaccessible (by moving it up as much as I can, I can only read 2 lines which say 256 sampling...and 512 sampling...)

  This is the case even when I resize the window and and stretch it down vertically apart from the fact that the screen becomes entirely black with no objects.

  Can the rview window size be controlled so as to access the text window at the bottom?. I am using the maximum resolution of 1440 x 900 possible on my computer. I am attaching a screenshot in a jpg format. (I am using Cygwin)


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