Running Radiance on multiple proccesses with -n on Windows

Hi, I’m trying to run Radiance on multiple cores but I get a “warning - only single process supported” message. I guess maybe it’s because it is not available in the Windows build. If this is the case, is it in Radiance roadmap to add this functionality?

My original plan was to run it using Accelerad, but I have run into multiple issues trying to replicate Radiance’s results. Also it seems like the development is on hold since the beginning of 2020.


Parallel run is not supported on Windows platform, you can conduct parallel run on Linux/Macos system.

Is there any plan to add the parallel computation to Windows at some point in the future?

We are in fact working on moving to multi-threading in the future, but I can tell you it’s at least a year off before anything is tested and ready.


Great! I’ll take it into consideration.