Running psign from compiled HEAD

Hi list,

About 3 weeks ago I downloaded and compiled the HEAD version of RADIANCE. Compilation (under Cygwin) was smooth (I initially tried to avoid installing X for Cygwin but compiling RADIANCE without X support proved to be more problematic than I was willing to go through, so I installed the X packages and compiled RADIANCE in a matter of minutes).

Here comes my "observation" or input to this list.

When I started running some old bash scripts (developed and used extensively under an older installation on another machine) I noticed that I could no longer use psign. In one of the bash scripts I am (mis-)using psign to provide me with a .hdr image of a certain resolution with all pixel values set at unity (or rather at 0.996 when checking the values with HDRShop).

The problem turned out to be that the helvet.fnt file was not part of the HEAD tar, and psign uses that file ...

Just an observation. I fixed MY problem by copying the file from the other computer.