rtrace error in Radiance release 3.4


I have just installed the new Radiance release 3.4 and I think I found a
bug. On large, high quality simulations, I get this error;

rtrace: consistency - address not found in avlmemi

I know I was experiencing this same error with Rayfront, and Georg, you said
it had something to do with a bug in the qsort routine. Anyways, you fixed
it and sent me new rpict/rview/rtrace binaries. However, as you all probably
know and I believe due to the different directory structures between
programs, these fixed Rayfront binaries do not work with the new Radiance 3.4
release(eg. can't find rayinit.cal etc.). I believe this is just the same
bug in the Radiance 3.4 release. So...in the meantime, does anybody know of
a workaround solution? And is anybody else getting this or similar errors or
is something wrong with the wau my models are set up that cause this to
happen? The exact same model works fine on both my windows installation and
my rayfront installation (with new 3 updated binaries).



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