Rtcontrib-BSDF and DAYSIM-pmap: where are we heading?


I may be wrong, but I see two different primary applications. As far as I understood, rtcontrib is optimized for operation with weather data. Especially patch-based sky models seam to be a perfect application. The photonmap is currently not all that efficient in these applications. On the other hand, it allows to include a forward-raytracing step without modifications in the scene (well, maybe adding photon-ports to optimize). Maybe it is because of I never did it, but modelling a facade with non-planar light shelves sounds scary to me to attempt using rtcontrib, while almost trivial using the photon-map. On the other hand, I admire the potential of rtcontrib when used with sky patches or a bunch of light sources. Maybe it is because there is no such compact documentation available for using rtcontrib with redirecting structures as the photon-map manual. So - from my perspective - it would be perfect to have both. Pmap to easily include a very generic forward raytracing step. Rtcontrib as an optimization for those who know what they are doing.

Cheers, Lars.