rholo restart stalls with "bad magic number"

Greg Ward wrote:

Done. I also updated the calls to lseek() to use the officially
blessed macros. If these aren't defined for some reason under Windows,
we should add the following lines to platform.h:

#ifndef SEEK_SET
#define SEEK_SET 0
#define SEEK_CUR 1
#define SEEK_END 2

Looks good.
I found that lseek() is indeed defined in <io.h> as I suspected.
Although I couldn't find the above macros in the same file, they
must be defined somewhere close by, because the code compiled on
Windows right away.



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Dear folks,

FYI: rholo (HEAD version as of today, 19.10.03) on Linux (tested on slackware and Debian 'sarge') screws writing holodeck files.
It works if holofile.c and rholo.c include

        #include <sys/types.h>
        #include <unistd.h>

as suggested by the lseek man page

note 2 (mostly for developpers): POSIX lseeks seem to favor macros for the lseek 'whence' parameter: lseek man page says:

       When converting old code, substitute values for whence with the following macros:
         old new
        0 SEEK_SET
        1 SEEK_CUR
        2 SEEK_END
        L_SET SEEK_SET

at least that keeps me going for now

I'm posting this to the general list to keep potential users updated, the cross-post to the dev list is indended for follow ups.


PS: yet another good reason for a test suite

rholo.c (15.2 KB)


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