RGBE in OpenCV

Dear dev,

One or the other might be interested in this: This year's Summer of
Code has two projects under 'OpenCV' that deal with HDR/RGBE:


- High Dynamic Range imaging
The goal of the project is to add full HDR support to openCV. This
includes loading HDR images from popular formats to floating-point
matrices, supporting various tone-mapping techniques and implementing
HDR image creation from a set of bracketed images times with different
enhancements including camera calibration and single-shot HDR images.

- Photometric calibration for imaging devices
This project aims at developing a library for photometric calibration
of imaging devices.Specifically, I would like to implement functions
for the radiometric response calibration, vignetting calibration,
noise level estimation, and the point spread function estimation,
which are essential for computer vision algorithms dealing with
photometric information (i.e. color constancy, High-dynamic range
images, inverse rendering).

Also for the Pythonistas amongst you:
- OpenCV-Python Tutorials

1 - Develop a new tutorials for OpenCV-Python API covering a major
portion of the API (Similar to the existing C++ tutorials). 2 - Extend
Python bindings for the newly added modules and any missing
functionalities. 3 - Fix discovered bugs, missing docs etc on the way.

I messed with Python OpenCV just over a year ago, and got stuck
because the Python API is poorly documented. Also because I didn't
know what I was doing, but I won't mention this here...