Rfluxmtx cannot find oct

Hi all,

I’m trying to follow Sariths thesis, now looking at the example of room/2PM_sky to visualize the sky.

With rfluxmtx it looks like it’s recreating the octree for some reason but cannot find the file, any clues?

~/simulation/radTutorialFiles/room$ vwrays -vf views/skyUp.vf -x 300 -y 300 -pj 0.7 -c 9 -ff | rfluxmtx -ffc -v -n 16 `vwrays -vf views/skyUp.vf -x 300 -y 300 -d` -c 9 -ab 1 -ad 1000 -lw 0.001 -o matrices/dc/hdr/skyTregenza%04d.hdr - skyDomes/skyglow.rad -i octrees/sky.oct

results in:

oconv: system - cannot open octree file "octrees/sky.oct": No such file or directory
rcontrib: fatal - (!oconv -f -i octrees/sky.oct skyDomes/skyglow.rad): not an octree

im in the room folder so octrees should be a subfolder

On top of that i see some nested commands failing when im running through my plugin which I’ll tease at the upcoming workshop. Clues…

Looks like the file “octrees/sky.oct” doesn’t exist relative to your “room” directory. Did you check that it’s really there? The rfluxmtx program attempts to create its own octree using the command given in parentheses:

oconv -f -i octrees/sky.oct skyDomes/skyglow.rad

The error makes sense, as the above command fails to generate an octree, causing rcotnrib to subsequently fail.

Perhaps Sarith’s tutorial indicates how to create this octree if you don’t have it in the archive.


P.S. Your second error looks like vwrays is not being called correctly, but you didn’t include that command, so I can’t tell you what’s wrong with it.

Hi @MathiasSonderskov , as Greg pointed out, I think you missed the first command that generates the octree: https://github.com/sariths/radTutorialFiles/blob/main/room/commands/2PM_Sky.sh#L19
I just tested the script on my system and it works as expected.


Thanks, I do have the octree in the correct subfolder though (pretty sure I checked yesterday and I’m without computer today)

I cd to the room folder and then I run the vwrays|rfluxmtx. I did run the command in my WSL Ubuntu bash console, not sure if that handles folders differently than executing the shell script file?

Well, it’s a file/command problem rather than a Radiance problem. If

cat octrees/sky.oct > /dev/null

runs without error, then I’m not sure what’s going on with the rfluxmtx command.

Found my error - i had forgotten “-vf” in front of the path to my view. I guess rcontrib was looking at my viewfile instead of the rad file.

For error handling in rcontrib it could be good idea to output "fatal - unexpected EOF on input " in cases where it is called from other programs such as rfluxmtx.

Apologies for disturbing @Greg_Ward and @sarith!

OK, glad you found the problem. Just to clarify, though, isn’t the error message you’re suggesting the same one you were getting? Which command are we talking about at this point?


Hi Greg,

I see some of my message got removed, perhaps as I was using brackets. I would just suggest to include the path of the file that had a bad EOF. So people know which file to debug.

Well, rcontrib only has one input, which is the “standard input” if that’s any clearer. Since the usage message came from vwrays, that’s the biggest clue to check that command. Generally speaking, an “unexpected EOF” means that a program isn’t getting what it needs, so is not really an error related to that program, and is really just telling you to check earlier in the command chain.

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