Rendering using Radiance_As Beginners - SPOT Pro released

Hi Ikrima,

One Windows-based user interface that might fit your needs is the Sensor
Placement + Optimization Tool (SPOT)

daylighting software. A new version, SPOT Pro, was just released and is
now available for download at the above website.

SPOT Pro provides an interface to Radiance and has the capability to
perform annual daylighting simulation using BSDF files to describe Complex
Fenestration Systems (CFS) and allowing you to schedule automated and/or
manual control of the window treatments. The SPOT interface allows you to
build simpler orthogonal geometry, assign materials and render or simulate
throughout the year. Importing from sketchup can be done behind the scenes
and will be available soon. SPOT also allows for further analysis and
optimization and photosensor systems in your daylit space if desired.
Calculation of vertical illuminance grids, or other directional illuminance
points, if needed, are not built into the program but can certainly be
calculated behind the scenes of a SPOT model without too much command line

The software is in a final Beta testing stage where we are testing
downloads, installation and operation on different machine types, operating
systems, and MS Office versions. If the trial version downloads, installs,
and starts up on your machine - chances are you are good to go. If not,
please report issues to

Good timing for your questions - SPOT Pro was just posted and I was just
about to send out such an announcement to the list.



On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 8:40 AM, Ikrima Amaireh <> wrote:

Hi all,

I just started using Radiance and it seems to me difficult so I need your
advices please.

1. As Radiance Desktop is no more recommended for CFS daylighting,
what is the alternative if one wants to study illuminance distribution
(points values) inside an office that has CFS (with both diffuse and
specular materials)?

2. Is there any user-friendly-interface program that can do the
task without the need to work with command-line procedure (that I am not
good with at all)?

3. If it’s compulsory to use command-line tools, how can we
construct/import CAD geometry and assign its materials?

4. And, is there a step-by-step tutorials on how to run Radiance
(in case of command-line)?

Your help/advice is really so appreciated.

Many thanks in Advance J

Ikrima Amaireh

University of Nottingham, UK

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