Rendering of a transparent texture usinf colorpict

not sure it is the issue you have but if you use an image to light and this has multiple colour and it is a glow is very difficult to avoid splotches.
you get better results with -aa 0 (at a cost time wise) or by running a Greg script that converts an image in a series of light sources (look for sky imaging lighting)
Hope this helps


On 7 Mar 2015, at 11:15, Niko Planke <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey i am right now trying to visualize a TV screen in radiance. For a
better visual impression i have created an Imaging layer using the
colorpict material.
looking like this:

void colorpict imagin_layer
9 red green blue forestfl.pic . frac(U) frac(V) -s 2

imagin_layer trans image
7 1 1 1 0 0 1 0

when this is rendered the material is divided into small samples giving an
odd pattern.
here a picture of the rendering:

This is a picture rendering using the standard settings for the high
resolution rendering in diva, except for -ad 4096 -ds 0.15 and -as 1024.
The setup is one imported light source behind the transparent colorpict
material. I have already tried using the ds/dj parameters without luck,
the subdivision seams fixed. Also changing the -n parameter when creating
the .oct file has not worked.

I have tried various combinations of -ad -as -ds -dj and -ps until now.
i hope someone can help.


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