re-using ambient files

Hi group.

I have some images where I'm picking up a scalloping effect along the
edge of my illum plane. I would like to re-run these images with a
lower "ds" value as I believe this is the setting that is not fine
enough. Normally I would re-run the entire thing if I change a
setting. However due to the enormous size of the model, the amount of
time it's taking, and the number of frames involved, I don't want to
redo everything just for a slight improvements. Can ambient files be
re-used if the ds (or any of the "d" parameters for that matter) are

Also, while we are on the subject. P.387 in RWR says you can relax the
ad, as, and aa parameters after the overture calculation is done. Is it
possible to go the other way and increase the ad, as, (and reduce) the
aa parameters "slightly"? The idea being that one computed an image,
found some splotches presumably because ad and as parameters were not
high enough, and want to tweak the image with out taking as much time to
re-run. Or can you only relax the parameters?

Thanks for any responses. Hopefully some day I will have more answers
than questions. :slight_smile:


I found my answer...