Re : Applying materials & non-orthagonal surfaces

Hello Mark and all

You can use barycentric coordinates on triangular polygons to handle the
normals and other info. I use this in ConRad to preserve the uv info from
3ds files and to allow for smoothing, by interpolating the 3 normals. Both
needs a special cal file.
(The smoothing is not available to the public yet).
With this method it should be possible to do, what you're looking for.

Kind Regards
Ole Lemming


I recently posted a question regarding perforated
metal. The material worked great, but I had to do a
lot of tedious manual labor getting it to work right
on a 3D arch due to the changes in surface normal of
each section of the arch.

So, I've been wondering if there is a better way to
handle adding orientation specific materials to mesh
geometry. (practically all the "advanced" materials
in radiance seem to be orientation specific) So, is
there a tool that will facilitate this process?
Seems like it would need to read a rad file,
calculate the surface normals for the polygons, and
then write out a corresponding material file &
possibly new rad file to go with the material file.
My guess is that's how it would need to work.

Any thoughts?

Thanks! Mark