Re-2: Color reflectance values and materials..

I have been thinking about a material library/editor for a while too. For many needs it would be probably sufficient to have a basic database with the simpler materials (plastic, metal, glass,...) but as soon as it comes to more complex/combined materials the task of providing a useful interface becomes more of a challenge. Schorsch has addressed this with his material editor in Rayfront but this is not targeting beginners. I think that for many users it would be just fine to have something similar to the colorpicker tool (, maybe extended with the functionality of adding at least your own custom textures (image uplaod) to basic materials.
Anyway, as a start it might be worth thinking about a central web based material depository where we all can share our own creations. The display format can be a simple list with mat, cal, pic files and a little preview.
Anyone interested in starting that?



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Subject: Re: [Radiance-general] Color reflectance values and materials.. (05-Nov-2008 19:50)
From: R Fritz <[email protected]>
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I would like to know if there is any specific way to find the
reflectance > of red, green and blue in order to obtain a specific
color desired.

If you've got a sample of the color, sure--you do colorimetry and convert > the values from the colorimeter's color space to the Radiance color
space. It takes some care to choose the sample, however.

Secondly is there any library of materials to choose from ..?

We wish! Developing one, or tools to generate them from other data is a
project that so far has not been addressed.