ranimate question

Now that I've generated an anim.vf file, I want to use ranimate.
I create test3.ran

# The rad input file for our static scene:
#RIF= test3.rif
OCT= test3.oct
render= -ms 0.56 -ds .2 -dt .05 -dc .75 -dr 3 -sj 1 -st .01 -af
test3a.amb -aa .1 -lr 12 -lw .0005 -ar 80 -ad 512 -as 256 -ab 2
#the spool directory:
# The view file containing one view per frame:
VIEWFILE= anim.vf
# The amount of temporary disk space available:
DISKSPACE= 50 # megabytes

When I try
% ranimate test3.ran
I get an error - Segmentation fault
(looking in the archives, I've seen that error with mkillum, but not

So I try
% ranimate -n -e test3.ran
then copy the1st rpict line

rpict -ms 0.56 -ds .2 -dt .05 -dc .75 -dr 3 -sj 1 -st .01 -af test3a.amb -aa
.1 -lr 12 -lw .0005 -ar 80 -ad 512 -as 256 -ab 2 -vp -67.215 -32.308 12.2963
-vd 0.840767 0.510078 -0.198076 -vh 50 -vv 50 -w0 -o anim/frame%03d.unf -x
1280 -y 1280 -S 1 test3.oct < anim/anim.vf

and paste it into a new shell

That starts to work - producing .unf files
I could do that, but then I'd have to pfilt each frame and remove the .unf

let me know if you need more details


Rob F

Just so no one else bothers about this.



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Date: April 2, 2004 9:33:51 AM PST
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Subject: RE: ranimate question

Thanks once again Greg for all of your help
I'm ranimating now!


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From: Greg Ward
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Hi Rob,

I don't get a segmentation violation when I run the binaries downloaded
for 3.5 from the Radiance website, but it does give me the following

ranimate test3.ran
ranimate: cannot execute on host "localhost"
ranimate: no working process servers

I suspect there was some change (or changes) between the version of OS
X the precompiled binaries were built for and Panther, which I'm
running now. Rather than trying to figure out what the problem is with
those binaries, I recommend that you run a new set of binaries instead.
The latest version of ranimate seems to work just fine.

If you cannot compile the HEAD distribution for some reason, at least
use the binary of ranimate that I am attaching to this e-mail. Let me
know if this fixes your problem or not.


P.S. I really need to make a new release!