[Raiance-general] Animation Exposure

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Thank you for the responses. I see your point! I'm having a hard
enough time figuring out what part of the images I want to focus on
myself! Getting the computer to auto expose would probably be pretty
tough when you have both interior and exterior in an image. What is the
histogram showing?

Well I went through and manually computed my exposure values using
rview and then interpolated the frames in between. This was kind of
tedious but it was enough to determine what I am calling "good" exposure
values. Now, it seems that RAD uses the exposure value to determine the
ambient value of the image, while RANIMATE uses the exposure value and
simply passes it on to pfilt. Only rad will only accept one exposure
value and the exposure file goes in ranimate... which does not seem
right considering all the frames are getting av .5 .5 .5 rather than a
value appropriate to the frame's daylight condition.


Mark de la Fuente
[email protected]