radzilla update

Hi all,

I finally managed to put together a new RADZILLA release.

This time, it is much more comprehensive, and lots of bugs have been
fixed. (The first prelease from April wasn't really worth the name, there were quite a lot of funny errors, but, well, every thing starts with a small step...)

The current RADZILLA contains:
- 'almost all' RADIANCE primitives/options,
- a previewer rzvu,
- full Photon Map support, all maps, all gimmicks, e.g. ports, the problems with faulty option parsing should no longer appear.

- new primitives:
1) the 'scene', an enhanced instance which allows to include lightsources in a instanced octree and further allows to set separate rendering parameters for this subscene
2) the 'ghost' material (a shadowless material type for
markers, background, cheating, whatever)
3) a second mapping mode for the color4pict, allowing to map semitransparent images also onto opaque objects,

...and furthermore this or that modification to the classic RADIANCE stuff

Here's the link for the adventurous folks to check it out:



Carsten Bauer wrote:

Hi all,

I finally managed to put together a new RADZILLA release.

For those of you, like me, on Cygwin, I've been able to get this compiled and running. I'm in the process of playing with it now, and if I hit any major snags I'll chime in. But so far, so good, and I wish I knew C so that I could help out more than just testing. :wink:

Jeffrey McGrew