RadSunpath tool

Hello all,

We have developed the first version of a simple tool called RadSunpath.

The idea is to take a Radiance geometry, set a location and run the
program to calculate the images for the path of the sun and shadows
over the project.

All of this can also be done by scripting but some may like graphical
tools :slight_smile:

Results is an animated gif showing the sun path and shadows on the

That animated gif can be easily explored within RadSunpath or later
with AnimGifViewer (another tool that we just finished available at the
same address).

We also developped, with the help of Thomas Bleicher, a SketchUp
plugin that is compatible su2rad plugin. Once exported with su2rad,
project is automatically loaded in RadSunPath plugin and you can run
calculations easily.

All are mainly written in Python and have been tested on Linux and

It uses some Radiance programs from Greg’s original distribution on
Linux and Francesco’s binaries on Windows, thanks again to them.

It is released under GPL license so feel free to use it. We’d like very
much to have your feedback at It is available at We hope you’ll like it.


[email protected]


ttJeanDo Lénard

De Luminae Lab