radout and ACAD 2004/05 (was: Re:radiance error message)

Jeffrey McGrew wrote:

Hey, on another note, I can't get TORAD or RADOUT to work under AutoCAD 2004/2005. ... I handed both off to a friend here who's way Lisp/ARX savvy (he was on the 'express tools' team) and he's gonna look them over. If he's able to fix them, I'll send them back to you.

Good to know, Jeffrey. I was just looking into pricing for upgrading my office here; guess this is one reason to hang back. There are probably just a few new entities that are giving radout problems when it sorts thru the selection set. I had a nifty LISP routine a while back that converted entity colors, even entities nested in blocks. This program blew up when R14 came out with its new LWPOLYLINE entity. Once the program was told about LWPOLYLINEs, it worked again. =8-)

Your friend should probably get in touch with Georg Mischler so that Georg's downloads can be updated too, assuming he's able to work out a fix.



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