I'm having trouble getting radmap to work and was wondering if anyone
has any suggestions. When it runs it completes the weather analysis and
sky generation and then seems to fall over at the next step with the
following error message:

Populating the ambient cache ...

rpict: 204800 rays, 0.00% after 0.000u 0.000s 0.000r hours on

rpict: fatal - cannot find picture file "test_irrmap_u.pic"

Which is a bit confusing as "test_irrmap_u.pic" is in the directory and
radmap is running and as is accessible by the system at this point.
Rendering the model directly with a .rif file and radiance seems to work

Any suggestions as to what's causing the problem?


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Just a quick guess... do you have "." in your RAYPATH? This is too often the solution for "not found" alike problems....

CU Lars.