Radiance workshop

Hi Everyone,

If you are thinking about presenting at or attending the upcoming Radiance workshop at the beginning of next month, now is the time to take action. There is less than a week until the abstract deadline, and just three weeks until the workshop is held, and we have many slots left to fill. I am just starting to work on my abstracts, too.


It should be an exciting workshop, and Minneapolis is pretty nice this time of year. I hope to see you there!


Dear all,

I've just been flicking through the presentations of this year's
workshop, and I get the impression you did had a lot of fun. Dancing
and all...

Excuse me if I overlooked it, but I could not find a URL for Yu
Sheng's software. Sounds interesting enough to give it a try. I
particularly liked that LINUX is one of the supported platforms.
That's quite a rarity these days, with all the 'serious' guys (unlike
me) hacking their Radiance-add-ons on Windoze or MacOS...

If you are into statistics, you will have noticed that the sheer
amount of information/knowledge/wisdom delivered at this year's
workshop has reached new heights. The largest presentation tops
120MB!!! I certainly would have struggled with the intake of so much
wisdom at such a short amount of time.

Fulling knowing that I will be stepping on people's toes, I would like
to point out the rogue (un-official) European mirror of workshop
presentations. If you are located in Europe, you might save a few
trees here and there

by using:
The speed might not exactly make you dizzy. Our network guys are
rather consistent in messing things up. Depends on the moon, I guess.
I'm afraid it's out outside of my control.

Background info: