Radiance Open Source License

Dear Radiance community,

Following your enthusiastic response to the announcement of our plans
for "open sourcing" the Radiance software, we are happy to announce the
new Radiance Open Source License! The objective of the Radiance Open
Source License is to encourage further development and distribution of
the Radiance software and derivative applications, so that a larger
number of users can benefit from Radiance's capabilities.

The Radiance Open Source License follows the "Apache" open source
paradigm, which provides complete freedom on the use, development and
distribution of the Radiance source code and executables. The initial
version of the Radiance software that is distributed under the new open
source license is version 3.4, which has been available through the
Radiance web site (http://radsite.lbl.gov/radiance) since January 2002.

To address the expected "versioning" issue, LBNL will maintain an
official version of the Radiance software that will include all of the
new functionality developed by LBNL and contributed by Radiance
developers that has been evaluated and approved for inclusion. This
will increase the chances of maintaining a version that includes as many
improvements as possible. LBNL intends to use a small group of
advisors, headed by Greg Ward, the "father" of Radiance to evaluate
software contributions and include them in upcoming releases.

LBNL is currently supporting the development on a new, "ANSIfied"
version of the Radiance source code. This new version is developed by
Greg Ward and will result in code that is easier to use under both UNIX
and Windows operating systems. We currently expect to release the new
version sometime during spring of 2003.

LBNL encourages Radiance developers to contribute enhancements and
improvements to the Radiance software back to the Radiance community.
LBNL will be happy to evaluate contributions for inclusion in the
official LBNL version. We intend that end-user applications using the
LBNL version of the Radiance software will be entitled to use a "Powered
by Radiance" logo (although this logo does not exist yet) to indicate
that the underlying engine is the LBNL-approved version of the Radiance

We look forward to exciting new opportunities on improving the Radiance
software and making it easier to use!

For the LBNL Radiance Development Team,

Kostas Papamichael

Konstantinos Papamichael, Ph.D., Staff Scientist

Building Technologies Department

Environmental Energy Technologies Division



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