Radiance installation

Hi Folks,

I'm experiencing some difficulty installing Radiance onto Linux Redhat 9.0;
furthermore I wish to update the classic version to that which utilising the
photon map add on (pmap).

Do I simply:
1. install the original radiance file http://www.radiance-online.org onto
my system first, and then
2. install the binary files for linux radbin_lnx_static.tar.gz(21 Megs) ,
3. install the pmap patch RADIANCE photon map tarfile
4. Then finally run the MAKEALL program from within (1.) above?

I'm very new to Linux systems and would really appreciate any advice you may
have to help me install this fine program.

Also, Do you know if its possible to import IES Virtual Environment 4.1
Radiance (PC based) system, such the photon mapping program may be used to
simulate lightpipes generated in the geometry file in IES software?

Best Regards,



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