[Radiance-general] Problems with Ubuntu's radiance distribution on amd64 platform

Hi Greg!

Your backtrace is missing symbolic information telling what call was
last made in Radiance. It seems to have crashed in a sprintf()
statement, which means it could have bombed while trying to print an
error message. You should recompile with the -g option and crash it again.

Well, this is the ONE time that I had not compiled myself, so I will see
whether I can reproduce this.

Just as a guess, you wouldn't happen to have any strings longer than 127
characters in your material descriptions, would you?

No, but possibly in file names included by xform, in mesh objects and
such. Errrrr does your question mean that there is no overflow
protection for modifier names that exceed the maximum string length?

Currently downloading the latest snapshot for a -g build :wink:

Cheers, Lars.