Radiance-general Digest, Vol 53, Issue 5


I'm aware of a pretty recent thread addressing installation of Radiance on
Ubuntu, but I am a brand new user of Ubuntu, so I do not even know where to
start to install Radiance. I've only used Windows before, and I have no
programming background so I'm sure I'm just looking at this the wrong way.
That aside...

I downloaded and extracted "rad3R9_linux.tar.gz" to the folder
"rad3R9_linux" to my desktop. I'm using the Ubuntu GUI called Gnome (I
think). I just installed the Ubuntu LTS Desktop Edition version 8.04.

Inside the rad3R9 folder seems to be no installation file (again, I'm
thinking like a Windows user). I understand there should be some time of
command line for Ubuntu... can someone get me started with a few steps or
point me to a link that might have some step-by-step instructions for the
Ubuntu/Radiance novice?

Thank you,

Hi Nick,

I would suggest to start experiencing with the linux/unix terminal:
you'll see that you will use it quite a lot with Radiance! :wink:

Just open a terminal window (Application/Terminal or Alt-F2 and type "gnome-terminal")
and write

sudo apt-get install radiance

The apt package manager downloads a precompiled radiance package, so that
you don't have to compile or extract the Radiance binaries yourself.

Alternatively you can use the Synaptic package manager, accessible
from the System/Administration menu.

Look for the radiance packages, and install them.

That's all! Oh well, that's just the beginning.
There should be some radiance examples in the /usr/share/radiance folder,
or something similar. Try to familiarise with them and buy yourself
the Radiance bible:



PS: There is a relatively new Radiance wiki with some minimal
information at the moment,
I hope that it grows in the future, feel free to add anything to it while
you are experimenting.
Ciao, F.