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Hi Greg,

Thanks. And yes, they're all the same material, so I don't think that's it.

I'll send you the files off-list - thanks for taking a look.


Reinier Zeldenrust
Environmental Designer
Atelier Ten
Environmental Design Consultants + Building Services Engineers

CIBSE Building Services Consultancy of the Year 2011
UK-GBC Sustainability Consultant of the Year 2009


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   1. Re: rcontrib: fatal - duplicate modifer 'M-nor' (Greg Ward)


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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 14:22:16 -0400
From: Greg Ward <gregoryjward@gmail.com>
To: Radiance general discussion <radiance-general@radiance-online.org>
Subject: Re: [Radiance-general] rcontrib: fatal - duplicate modifer
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Hi Reinier,

Are you being sure to group your same-material surfaces together when passing them to rfluxmtx? The program isn't smart enough to group them for you, and I suppose this requirement needs to be mentioned explicitly in the man page. That was an oversight on my part...

If your receiver surfaces are already grouped by modifier and you are getting this error, send me your files off-list and I will see if I can figure out what's going on.


From: Reinier Zeldenrust <reinier.zeldenrust@atelierten.com>
Subject: [Radiance-general] rcontrib: fatal - duplicate modifer 'M-nor'
Date: March 12, 2015 1:38:37 PM EDT

Hi all,

I?m running a three phase method analysis and am running into some funny behaviour. I generated windows using Honeybee msh2rad, converting a Rhino mesh to a radiance geometry file via TurtlePyMesh & obj2rad.

When I generate my view matrix, it works fine for some windows, but not for others ? and there?s no clear difference in geometry between those that work and those that don?t work. My command is:
                Rfluxmtx ?ab 4 ?ad 5000 ?y 81 < ChEast.pts ?
windows_pts/window_04.rad material.rad ChEast.rad > viewpts_04.mtx

And the error I get is:
rcontrib: fatal - duplicate modifer 'M-nor'

My daylight and sky matrices work for fine for all of the windows, so I don?t know what it is. Any idea what can cause this kind of behaviour? Does rfluxmtx need perfectly flat / regularly shaped objects?


Here is an excerpt of my window_04.rad file:
#@rfluxmtx h=kf u=Z
void glow windowglow
4 1 1 1 0
# c:\radiance\bin\obj2rad
# OBJ file written by TurtlePyMesh

windowglow texfunc M-nor
4 dx dy dz tmesh.cal
10 2
    0.00014694 -0.00056977 -0.39197137
   -0.00262064 0.00269441 -1.04630966
    0.00007866 0.00016957 -0.86569177

M-nor polygon object_1.1
          -245.804 137.307 31.8827
          -229.021 137.314 22.0454
          -252.533 117.213 36.8545
[ it continues with more windowglow texfunc M-nor & M-nor polygon
object_x.x lines]

Reinier Zeldenrust
Environmental Designer

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