Radiance Consortium

Radiance and Desktop Radiance Users,

I applaud the efforts of Lawrence Berkeley National
Lab to develop an Open Source license for Radiance and
Desktop Radiance. Bravo! Those of you who know me
know that this is something I've worked toward for
many years.

And to those of you seeking a more streamlined way of
contributing to and maintaining Radiance, I think that
a CVS server for Radiance would be a great idea. But,
the future of Radiance relies upon more than a
technological solution. There is also a need for
ongoing administrative support. I do not know what
plans LBNL has along these lines.

And so, I think this is an appropriate time to propose
the formation of a Radiance Consortium. Its purpose
would be to set forth a general direction for
development of Radiance, handle the management of the
source code modifications, and distribute the
different source code development lines. The
consortium's purpose should NOT be to limit the
possible avenues of development such that progress can
only proceed along some ordained, pre-determined path.
On the contrary, the success of Radiance has depended
upon the independent efforts of researchers around the
world since is inception almost 15 years ago!

I think that a semi-formal organizational structure
(as opposed to an ad-hoc group of programmers)
composed of some programmers and some
technically-minded non-programmers would be
appropriate so that Radiance can go on to outlive its
original progenitors. I also suggest that we offer a
leadership position to the firms which have purchased
$10,000 distribution licenses from LBNL, of which
there are about 6. I like the way the "IntelliCAD
Technology Consortium" is organized and would suggest
that we mimick its structure. (www.intellicad.org)

And for Desktop Radiance, I make the same suggestion.
It could exist as a special interest group within the
Radiance Consortium, or as a separate entity.
Compatibility between Desktop Radiance and IntelliCAD
would be a nobel goal for future, Open Source
development efforts for Desktop Radiance. This would
greatly reduce the cost of ownership and eliminate a
major barrier toward widespread use of Radiance in the
architectural and lighting design communities.

The good news is that I have contacts with several
architecture/energy efficiency firms which are
interested in supporting this idea and will gladly
contribute (money and effort) to the Open Source
version of Radiance and Desktop Radiance once a
mechanism is in place to do so. I also think that it
will be possible to find some funding to support this
effort if enough players come up into the fray and
express support for this idea.

I am willing to serve as a point man for these
efforts, but the door is open for other suggestions
and nominations. Whatever way it falls out, I'm in
this for the long haul. And, I've got a great domain
name to contribute. Check out the "whois" on

With 100 Radiance-online subscribers and 200 Desktop
Radiance list subscribers, I think we have a pretty
good base of support. I know this is going to be
controversial, but that has never stopped me in the

The Desktop Radiance Yahoo Group has a "polling"
(www.yahoogroups.com/group/desktopradiance/polls). If
those of you who do not like Yahoo can plug your nose
long enough to subscribe to the Desktop Radiance list
(under a fake alias if you wish), we can utilize this
simple mechanism for polling the users to determine
which approach people favor the most. Other ideas?

Charles Ehrlich
Heschong Mahone Group


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Dear Radiance Community,

There are probably many people who would like to attend the Radiance Workshop (me among them) who cannot afford the approx. $2000 price tag including hotel and airfare from the US (west coast) to Switzerland.

Therefore, I would like to offer that if there are any individuals or companies who would like to provide a sponsorship of other individuals to attend the workshop, that I would be willing to facilitate the transfer of such donated funds for this activity. As my motivation to provide this service, I nominate myself as the second sponsoree. :slight_smile: I will provide in return to the sponsoring individuals and companies, a full write-up of the workshop including any significant advancements and other gems. Sponsors will also be given public credit for their sponsorship, if desired. I will charge no commission, overhead, or taxes, or any other fees for this service, other than the cost of my personal attendance at the workshop. The sponsorship will pay only for airfare, lodging and workshop fees. Meals, ground transportation, other expenses and $500.00 of the initial cost are the responsibility of the attendee.

To make this manageable, I would suggest a minimum donation of $500.00 so that with 3 sponsors, one person's cost is covered, assuming that other sponsorees also contribute $500.00 on their own behalf. I will also make the first contribution of $500.00. We need five more sponsors. To avoid any appearance of a "scam," I will not accept a sponsorship for myself unless there are sufficient funds for at least one other person to attend. Of course, that other person can not be my wife or family member.

So, please let me know ASAP if you would like to contribute to this effort so that we can get some cheap airfare. I will provide a full refund to all donors if I do not receive sufficient funds for two sponsorships ($3000.00 at current exchange rates.) I also request that payment be made by PayPal so that we can minimize transaction costs and delays. If you have any concerns about my trustworthiness, then please contact Greg Ward and the other workshop sponsors for referrals.

If you are interested in being sponsored to attend, please write a 1-page (or less) description of the reason for your interest in attending the event and submit it to me. Please state how much of the cost you can afford ($500.00 minimum) and how much financial assistance you are seeking, and list any expesses you have already incurred, if any. Please provide three references with phone numbers and email addresses so your qualifications can be verified. For the sake of maximizing attendance at the workshop, I requests those individuals who are currently scheduled to present papers at the workshop and have already secured funding not participate in this program. However, if your attendance is in jeopardy because of lack of funds, I would reconsider this option.

My interest in attending the workshop is to present a "business plan" proposal to the workshop attendees describing the structure of a "Radiance Consortium" to coordinate the open source development of Radiance and Desktop Radiance, and to meet with Radiance users outside of the workshop hours to discuss and revise the content of this proposal. I will distribute a copy of the proposal at the end of the workshop to all attendees.

If you need to reach me by phone, my cell phone number is (530) 400-9570. You can call any time and leave a message, if you wish.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Charles Ehrlich



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Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 08:51:30 -0700
From: Greg Ward
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Subject: [Radiance-general] Radiance workshop reminder
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This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for registration to the
Fribourg Workshop on Radiance is coming up. We cannot take any
registrations after August 31st, and if possible, we would like to
receive registrations as early as possible, as we have made commitments
with the local hotels that will cost us money to get out of if we find
it necessary to cancel the workshop due to lack of attendance. So far,
we have received only 4 confirmed registrations, though we have at least
18 speakers and about as many again who have said they will come.

The tentative agenda and registration forms are available at the
following website:


If you are a speaker, we also need a final abstract and any materials
you would like to include on the CD-ROM by August 31 as well. Please
register before that if you can.

-Greg & Raphael


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