Radiance collages

I’ve seen in a few tutorials that are using “image strips” for whole “period of time” simulations, where each frame corresponds to a different date/time. I did not see anyone explain if they are done in radiance or some post processing tool, so if done through radiance please elaborate how.

how are those multi shop collages made (ubuntu 2.16)

Can you give a reference, or explain what kind of image strip you want. The Radiance pcompos program and its -a option can be used up to a point. You probably don’t want to make your image too high or too wide, as it becomes unwieldy. Most people just make a video, which can be done by numerous outside tools once the images are transferrred an appropriate format via one of the ra_* converters. The ranimate tool in Radiance makes this easier to manage.

If you are using pcompos with a large number of images and the -a option that Greg noted, you can give the command all the file names in the current directory with a command or sequence in back-ticks e.g.:
pcompos -a 10 -s 10 `ls *.hdr`
Your images would be ordered alphanumerically the way the system lists them from the ls command, so consider your file naming system if the order is important.

thanks for the answer. Thats what I needed.
Found it in documentation soon after I made the post :frowning:

while on the subject, I didnt find a simple way to make multiple file conversions using ra_bmp but had to write a bash script to do it since “ra_bmp filename*.hdr filename%04d.bmp” didnt work; I guess thats expected?

Batch file conversion is not supported by the ra_* tools. As I mentioned, the ranimate tool is designed to automate everything associated with animations, including the final conversion. There is a chapter in Rendering with Radiance about it, in addition to the man page.