[Radiance and Brad] MacosX and X11 and brad an blender

Hello everyone! I'm really new to radiance and first I have to say:

Thank You Very Much For Developing And Supporting This Free Software!!

Radiance is running fine on my system (far as i can see) with macos 10.3.7,
blender 2.3.6, python 2.3.

My question is more about blender and brad because

everything seems to work in general, but if i try the sky preview
i get the following in the console window:

" ximage
mph.pic: cannot open display"

I've edited my bash_profile like it was explained from pillo:


if someone is interested in using x11 as graphical output for the built
in panther terminal this is what is required:

1) launch x11, launch terminal (keep X11 always open when the terminal
is open, otherwise it doesn't work!)

2) edit your .bash_profile as follows, just add these lines:

if [ -z "${DISPLAY}" ];then echo -n
export DISPLAY=':0'

but sadley it has not the desired (display-) effect to applications
controlled via brad/blender, too.

would it be possible to open x-window-radiance-applications like ximage out
of blender/python in a way that they use x-darwin and its display?

thank you very much and all the best