RAD Viewer - Ladybug Tools - release

Today together with @TheoA and @Mostapha , I am very pleased to reveal another brother of Aragog Spider viewer – RAD viewer - new brother of Ladybug Tools – Spider. As always, it is free and open source, 3D and viewable in your browser. Finally your .RAD file can viewed on any device. This script was first shown by Mostapha at The 17th International Radiance Workshop 2018


Spider RAD Viewer

Read Me

  • Select, open, view and manipulate Radiance RAD Files

  • Open file or files via

    • Operating system dialog box - single or multiple files
    • URL - remote or local - supplied by a location.hash update - single files only for now
  • Select files from lists of links to available online sample RAD files

  • Display RAD files in interactive 3D with rotate, zoom and pan

  • View RAD file data

    • Native text format
    • Translated to JSON
  • Basic look-up table supplies a basic polygon colour palette if no material specified

  • Handles openings in surfaces moderately well

  • Update scene settings: rotation, wireframe mode, edges visibility, surfaces opacity

  • Written in plan-vanilla JavaScript

    • Single dependency: Three.js
    • No need for a server: run locally or offline