Rad - ambient accuracy -aa

I feel that the rad command might be a little aggressive setting the -aa parameter for ambient accuracy - and curious about other opinions. I know we can override specific items with a render= line, but I’m curious if the current rad behavior causes anyone else to overshoot rendering times if you set quality and variability to high.

At high quality and high variability, rad sets -aa to 0.075. I think it generally sets -ar, -ad, and -as at values closer to what I would set myself - which are all particularly important for a good rendering result. However my feeling is that -aa seems to add more time than it adds precision/quality at each step from 0.2 to 0.15, 0.125, 0.10, 0.075. I’d be curious to hear others’ take on this.

PS, be careful with the Discourse server spell check. It really wants to change -ar to -at the first time you type it in a post.

It’s true that these rad settings for -aa were determined before the new Hessian code was implemented, and it might be worth revisiting them. Note that the -aa 0.075 setting only happens when both QUALITY and VARIABILITY are “High”.