Problems Running Radiance on Linux Alp ha (RedHat 7.1)

Since you copy/pasted, you may want to check to make sure the line breaks
are the same.
I had that problem copy/pasting from a PDF
Perhaps you missed a hard return and your light was commented out

Rob F



I have been trying to run radiance using the pre-built
binaries and some home-grown builds using gcc and ccc.

When I try to run the tutorial demo through rview (cut
and pasted from the man file), the rview rendering
window appears, says that rendering is complete, but
remains blank. The command line interface says

warning- no light sources found

oconv and getinfo appear to work OK, but the rview
program will only produce a blank screen.

The results are consistent on my ds20 and a couple of

I was wondering if this was a general radiance issue
or one specific to the 64-bit alpha platform.

I'm running RHAT 7.1 on all machines.

--David Janello
simulation and searches, llc

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