Problems computing Daylight Matrix for the Three Phase Method

Sorry everyone for sending this twice... I sent this as a "forwarded" mail
before, and thought some of you would recieve it as inside-Spam.

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to use the Three Phase Method, guided by the Andy
McNeil's tutorial; but I am having some trouble. The script I wrote is:

*oconv materials/* building/* sky/* > D_octree.oct*


*genklemsamp -vd 0 -1 0 windows/glass_window.rad | rtcontrib -c 1000 -e
MF:4 -f -b rbin -bn Nrbins -m solar -faf D_octree.oct*
*rm D_octree.oct*

and the contents of the directories are:
building: building.rad

materials: building_materials.mat

sensors: sensors.pts (generated with gendaylit)

sky: perez.rad

windows: glass_window.rad light_window.rad window_T.rad*

The results thrown on the console is the header, and three weird symbols...
I am using Ubuntu and RVUing the model actually works

Help will be very appreciated here!


Germán Molina