Problem with rcontrib when using photon mapping

Hi all,

As I decide to use photonmap when working with rcontrib to calculate Daylight Autonomy, I faced the following errors and problems.

First of all, I tried to follow the “The RADIANCE Photon Map Extension User Manual” (Revision 1.45, August 2022) from Roland Schregle, but based on the following command that is written on page 27:
mkpmap −apC bonzo−contrib.Cpm 10m 2600 0.75 −apP 0.1 −bn 256 −m bonzoLite −V+ bonzo .oct

I used this command:
mkpmap -apC rac_basic_sample_project.Cpm 10m 2600 0.75 −apP 0.1 −bn 256 −m sky_glow−V+ rac_basic_sample_project.oct

And faced this error message:
fatal - command line error at ‘2600’

Although I installed the latest Radiance version, I guess that its mkpmap file is not updated, so, what is mentioned in the Photon Map Extension User Manual Revision 1.45 cannot be applied with the latest Radiance files. Am I right? If so, how can I find the latest photonmap files for windows?

Then my second question is about if I used the tutorials from the RADIANCE Photon Map Extension User Manual, revision 1.33, then by applying the following commands I got zero for all values in the mtx file. Does anyone know what is my mistakes?

mkpmap -apC rac_basic_sample_project.Cpm 50m rac_basic_sample_project.oct
rcontrib -ap rac_basic_sample_project.Cpm 3000 -V -fo+ -ad 10000 -lw 0.0001 -ab 8 -I+ -y 666 -faa -c 1 -bn 1 -b “if(-Dx0-Dy0-Dz*1,0,-1)” -m ground_glow -f -p MF=1,rNx=0,rNy=0,rNz=-1,Ux=0,Uy=1,Uz=0,RHS=+1 -bn Nrbins -b rbin -m sky_glow -w rac_basic_sample_project.oct < rac_basic_sample_project_org.pts > rac_basic_sample_project.mtx

Best regards,