Problem with importing BSDF data to .xml file

I have a text file containing a bunch of BSDF data measured with an IS-SA from Radiant Vision Systems. I’ve been trying to get this data into a .xml file, but so far it hasn’t worked out. It says ‘bad scattering data’. Is there any proper way of converting BSDF data to a .xml file and what might be my problem? How should the data be formatted to be able to import it to a .xml file? Is there any .xml converter?
Thankful for help,

Hi Isak,

Besides the formatting, there is much to be done between taking raw BSDF measurements and converting them to an XML file for rendering. (I should know, as I’ve spent roughly the last 15 years on the problem.)

We have developed a tool for interpolating BSDF data from measurements, called pabopto2bsdf, but it assumes a certain header format that is no doubt different than the IS-SA. I would have to learn about their data file in order to even suggest how to modifiy it for pabopto2bsdf, but you can start by looking at the man page here.

Assuming you can create an interpolant from your data using pabopto2bsdf, there is a converter that takes this format and produce a Klems matrix XML file, called bsdf2klems. There is a second converter that takes the same data to create a tensor tree high-resolution BSDF, called bsdf2ttree.

These tools are not meant for the average user, but if you are taking your own BSDF measurements, you will need to learn how to use them. Tutorial information about the process is scant, unfortunately.

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