Problem whit rendering scene with a light source

The suggestion with pfilt=-a did work. Thank you Ignacio very much. Thank
you also Greg for the theoritical backround.


2009/8/24 Greg Ward <>

This is the error you get when your picture contains nothing but zero
pixels. See earlier responses to your queries as to why.


*From: *Σωτήρης Παπαντωνίου <>

*Date: *August 24, 2009 5:54:04 AM PDT


Hello list,

I am trying to simulate a scene of light source behind a glass. The image
is part of a general simulation.

When I am trying to simulate the results are the following:

pfilt: picture too dark or too bright
rad: error filtering view sun
        lab_6i2_sun.pic removed

If you have any idea, it would be highly appreciated

Thank you

Sotiris Papantoniou

P.S. I am sending the files of the simulation to help.

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