Plug-in ies FILE

hii everyone,

I am a new bie for radiance,its really a gr8 tool for lighting analysis.
I am using radiance with frontend ecotect.
I could do the daylighting analysis in radiance with the geometry exported from ecotect.
For artificial lighting, i had put the light source in ecotect and then exported it to radiance, but it seems simulation engine does not translate the same light source in radiance.
can ne1 shed some more light on this. and even how can i plug in the IES file in ecotect or radiance.
It would be really of gr8 help.


There is a tool called ies2rad included in radiance, which will translate a ies-formatted distribution to a light source in Radiance. The process is also described well in RwR, or in the various tutorials. Still, you must be careful - the orientation of some ies-distributions seams to be a cause for errors frequently, and you also have to make sure that the units in the ies-file fit those in the scene (or the translation corrects this). It is good practice to place the light source, after the translation, using !xform-statements - that way you can easily change them.

CU Lars.