Ocean Optics Spectrophotometer Data and Radiance?


I have a slightly different CCD spectrometer here. It all depends on what you want to measure. To get emission spectra, applying a calibration function matching wavelengths to pixel numbers may be enough. To get better, one would also have to calibrate the amplitude, as the response is not a flat linear over all pixels. This would not give information on the energy emitted by the source, which would require e.g. an integrating sphere and a quantitative calibration of the device, which is tricky.

Using the device for direct-direct transmission is again possible, direct-hemispherical would require a sphere again. For reflection, a sphere would certainly be required.

It is important to check for over saturated pixels in any measurement! Also the stability of whatever light source is included, together with the integration time of the CCD, are important. See Axel's recent presentation, especially the observations on flicker for different sources…

mgf is perfect to convert from spectral bands to RGB…

Cheers, Lars.

Great! Thank you both.