Obj2mesh and mesh clutter


I have a surface I’m trying to convert to a mesh using obj2mesh. The tool is complaining about some vertices being connected to too many triangles, which is a limitation I’m familiar with, but would still prefer to use this over obj2rad due to efficiency.

When examining my obj file, I believe the problem occurs at the edge of the surface, where small triangles start to concentrate. Is there some trick or method to overcome this problem?

Thanks in advance

You can try increasing the -n and/or -r values of obj2mesh, but ultimately you may have to simplify your geometry. Even using obj2rad, you would run into a similar problem with oconv, as both programs ultimately need to produce an octree for rendering.

What is the error message you are getting, exactly?

The error is:

“obj2mesh: internal - too many patch triangles in addmeshtri”.


Out of curiosity, can you recompile with the linked version of ray/src/common/mesh.c to see if your outcome is any different? Or, alternatively, can you send me your obj2mesh input(s)?


Thanks, I’ll try that as soon as possible.